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British Virgin Islander  
british virgin islander

British Virgin Islanders aka BVIslanders?

british virgin islander

What makes the British Virgin Islands special as a tourist destination?
It's most precious resource. IT's PEOPLE !!
British Virgin Islanders are the kind of people that always says "Good Morning",
Always willing to help you with directions or advice on their country.
Deeply religious, always headed to church on sunday but love rum like any true West Indian.

Be greeted at our shores with beautiful smiles and a firm hand shake.
British Virgin Islanders are proud of there country and love to tell stories of their country.
Lots of BVIslanders depend on tourism to make there daily living and go to work everyday to give visitors a smile that says thank you for being here.

BVIslanders have never been violent people and until this day we boast about one of the lowest crime rates in the Caribbean. Some Islands have a population smaller than a college campus making islands a friendly community encouraging visitors to return each year and chat with the locals that they met the previous year or many years before.

The British Virgin Islands have been very successful economically and the standard of living is very good. One thing that you will not find in the BVI are harassing street vendors to hassle you,
Roam our streets and enjoy our beaches freely and care free


Wesley A. Potter
Manager (Vacation (BVI) Ltd.)



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