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Here you will find some National Parks that are not located on Virgin Gorda or Tortola but on the less populated and uninhabited islands around the British Virgin Islands. Most if these park may require a boat and sometimes snorkeling and diving equipment. If you are looking for a vacation with adventure and an island that you can have to yourself for the day free of charge look no further.



RMS Rhone Marine Park

(located next to Salt Island)
Submerged in approximately 20 to 80 feet of water, the RMS Rhone lies in Lee Bay off Salt Islands. The Marine Park extends to the west to include the islands of Dead Chest, with additional dive sites such as the underwater pinnacles and ledges at Blonde Rock, the colourful canyons of Painted Walls, and the coral encrusted tunnels and cave at Rhone Reef. The anchor of the Rhone lies further northwest of Salt Island at Great Harbour on Peter Island, where it was abandoned by the Rhone in 55ft of water.
The wreck itself is encrusted with marine organisms, including calcareous algae, sponge, and coral, whilst providing shelter for a large variety of inquisitive reef fish.
The Wreck of the Rhone is the most popular dive site in the BVI, as it is an easily accessible wreck dive with legendary history. Sunk by a hurricane in 1867, the wreck of the Royal Mail Steamer Rhone lies in two main parts at depths between 20 and 80 feet. The vessel was originally 310 feet long and 40 feet wide, weighting 2738 gross registered tons. Much of it is still intact and visible, including the bow section, boilers, condenser, engines and prop shaft, parts of the rigging and the propeller.
click thumbnail to enlarge (photo of the Reck of the R.M.S. RHONE, British Virgin Islands)

details about RMS Rhone Marine Park, British Virgin Islands





West Dog National Park (island)

(Located to the North of Virgin Gorda)
West Dog is among a set of islands to the north of Virgin Gorda know as the DOGS. Among the Dogs are Great Dog, George Dog, East and West Dog and Seal Dog. West Dog among them has a unique look of rugged volcanic islands rises abruptly out of the sea, with steep cliffs offering and ideal habitat for nesting seabirds such as bridled terns and red-billed tropicbirds. The waters around The Dogs possess a variety of dive and snorkel sites with an abundance of fish and colourful coral reefs..
click thumbnail to enlarge (photos of West Dog, British Virgin Islands)
West Dog National Park British Virgin Islands BVI

details about West Dog Island, National Park, British Virgin Islands

Fallen Jerusalem National Park (island)

(may be seen from Devils Bay and Baths on Virgin Gorda) established 1974
Fallen Jerusalem gets it's name from the large Boulders rubbled on top of each other portraying an image of the ruin of an ancient city resembling buildings, foundations and roads. Apart for a unique formation of boulders that make you feel like you are on some weird planet. Fallen Jerusalem is also a Sanctuary for birds. In fact the amount of birds that come to Fallen Jerusalem to nest and breed made it one of the main reasons for Fallen Jerusalem to be declared a National Park. Some of the birds you may find hanging around Fallen Jerusalem are the red-billed tropic bird, laughing gulls, noddies, and brown pelicans. The southern shores of the island are exposed to open seas which shows rough swells of the Caribbean Sea. Acess should be gained from the northern shores.
click thumbnail to enlarge (photos of Fallen Jerusalem, British Virgin Islands)
Fallen Jerusalem, British Virgin Islands(BVI)

detals about Fallen Jerusalem Island, National Park, British Virgin Islands 





Sandy Cay, British Virgin Islands

(located 2-3 miles off Jost Van Dyke)
Below is a review by a visitor of Sandy Cay, British Virgin Islands from
we think she said it best.
"If you go to the British Virgin Islands, Sandy Cay cannot be missed. It could quite possibly be the most beautiful island there is! The sand is as soft as powder and just as white. You can see nearly 40 feet below through the water, that's how crystal clear it is. Something else a lot of people might not know is that there is an amazing trail that leads to the top of the island. Once you're at the top, you are staring straight down the most beautiful rock cliff with crashing waves. You have to see this in your lifetime!"

click thumbnail to enlarge (photos of Sandy Cay, British Virgin Islands)

Sandy Cay Island, National Park, British Virgin Islands





Sandy Spit and Green Cay

(located less than a mile off Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands)
The natural island made of a complete circular sandy beach that you can enjoy all around. As you can see from the photos below they are some reefs around Sandy Spit which not only makes it a good island for swimming and laying on the sand but also snorkeling is great off this little island. Green Cay is a stone throw away.

click thumbnail to enlarge (photo of Sandy Spit & Green Cay next to Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands)
Sandy-Cay-British-Virgin-Islands Sandy-Cay-British-Virgin-Islands

Sandy Spit and Green Cay,National Park, British Virgin Islands




Little Tobago / Great Tobago National Park

(Established 1995 & 1998)
The Tobago Cays are on the northwestern corner of the BVI chain, west of Jost Van Dyke and north of St. John United States Virgin Islands. The island is surrounded by rugged cliffs and steep slopes down to the seabeds.
(sorry no photos available)

Little Tobago & Great Tobago Islands, National Park, British Virgin Islands



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