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Snorkeling in the British Virgin Islands

Some people have been snorkeling before, some people have not. Can you imagine if you tried snorkeling on a sandy beach, that probably would not be much fun. Probably like watching the sand in the desert. Well for a country that has over 50 islands and cays, the British Virgin Islands possesses multiple snorkeling sites whether you want to take your own rented boat, hire one of our many dive companies or leave from one of our many beaches. The many islands of the British Virgin Islands are mostly bordered with the most colorful and busy reefs around the world.

The British Virgin Islands also offer unique snorkeling experiences such as Norman Island Caves. These caves which are known for buried treasures give you a great breath taking experience of orange cup and red sponge coral all around the cave walls.
To show you what you are missing the header photo at the top of this page shows a dad and his kids about to enter the caves at Norman Island.


Information about Snorkeling Site Around The BVI (Boat Required)

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