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Here you will find some beaches that are not located on Virgin Gorda Tortola, Jost Van Dyke or Anegada but on the less populated and uninhabited islands around the British Virgin Islands. Most of these beaches may require a boat and sometimes snorkeling and diving equipment. If you are looking for a vacation with adventure and an island that you can have to yourself for the day free of charge look no further.


Sandy Cay, British Virgin Islands

(located 2-3 miles off Jost Van Dyke)
Sandy Cay is located about a mile to the south of Green Cay. It is the ideal tropical, desert island, dotted with palm trees on wide, gently sloping beaches. Fantastic swimming and snorkeling are also available here on calmer days. Sandy Cay is uninhabited and located midway point between Tortola and Jost Van Dyke. The island is a managed wilderness area with short hiking trail.  The rocks on the island have a greenish color from copper ore deposits and the island also contains a small salt pond in its center. Sandy Cay is a 14 acre undeveloped island, Sandy Cay will be preserved as a combination botanic garden, nature reserve and low key recreational area. The beach is spectacularly beautiful with a white sand beach fringed by overhanging palms. Sandy Cay is now in the hands of the British Virgin Islands.

Below is a review by a visitor of Sandy Cay, British Virgin Islands from
we think she said it best.
"If you go to the British Virgin Islands, Sandy Cay cannot be missed. It could quite possibly be the most beautiful island there is! The sand is as soft as powder and just as white. You can see nearly 40 feet below through the water, that's how crystal clear it is. Something else a lot of people might not know is that there is an amazing trail that leads to the top of the island. Once you're at the top, you are staring straight down the most beautiful rock cliff with crashing waves. You have to see this in your lifetime!"

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Sandy Spit and Green Cay

(located less than a mile off Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands)
Green Cay (pronounced “key”): The tiny uninhabited island of Green Cay is located just off the North eastern tip of Little Jost Van Dyke. Green Cay ocean side, is an exciting dive site which has a series of pinnacles covered with brightly colored sponges and branching hydroid fans which shelter abundant marine life such as juvenile angel fish and glassy minnows, as well as jacks, large dog snappers, schools of barracuda and huge tarpon. They are sometimes seen under the white foaming surf as it breaks the shoreline. Green Cay is 14 acres and also a great location to snorkel in the shallow waters. On shore is a beach composed entirely of coral, these are small pieces that had been smoothed by the action of the waves. The water had carved out a small “cliff” about knee-height along the shoreline. A few hundred yards onto the island, there is a small shipwreck of a more modern-looking boat.
Sandy Spit: Sandy Spit is situated directly south of Green Cay and accumulated its name from being within spitting distance of Jost Van Dyke and Sandy Cay. The picturesque little island is a gem in the ocean lighting it up with its beauty. It is surrounded by picture perfect, white sandy beaches which are speckled with clusters of rocks, green vegetation and two lonely coconut palms. Sandy Spit is truly the epitome of the natural environment of the British Virgin Islands who is truly blessed to lay claim to such an enchanting little island such as Sandy Spit!, Tourists from all over the world continue to enjoy sun bathing, excellent snorkeling, picnics and exploring this paradise. Sandy Spit is exactly what one imagines when longing for a Caribbean holiday! This tiny yet picture perfect islet is simply breathtaking.
The natural island is made up of a complete circular sandy beach that you can enjoy all around. As you can see from the photos below there are some reefs around Sandy Spit which not only makes it a good island for swimming and laying on the sand but snorkeling is also great off this little island. Green Cay is a stone throw away.

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Sandy-Cay-British-Virgin-Islands Sandy-Cay-British-Virgin-Islands

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Sand Box

(prickley pear island near North Sound)
Sand Box on Prickley Pear island is really lovely. Although you might need a boat to get to this island about 2 minutes boat ride from Gun Creek, North Sound. This island contains a white sandy beach with clear water and a beach bar. Volleyball and BBQ are also some of the common activities on this island. Definitely worth the trip.
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Sand Box North Sound British Virgin Islands

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