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British Virgin Islands
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What is BVI ?

what is bvi

This is the question most times asked by some one coming across the acronyms for the first time. Although "what is BVI" may be an acronyms for other thing we here at bvivacation.com would like to think that the most appropriate answer to the question what is BVI refers to British Virgin Islands

Now that you found out what is bvi, the next question should most likely be where is BVI ? The BVI is a place. Officially named "Virgin Islands" and a colony of Britain mostly known as British Virgin Islands to differentiate with the United States Virgin Islands. The official name United States Virgin Islands formerly know as the Danish West Indies grew in popularity amount United States tourist and commonly been now called Virgin Islands. This popularity now caused confusion with the neighboring countries. To keep identity, person added British in front of Virgin Islands when talking about the Virgin Islands which was a colony of Britain and United States when talking about the Virgin Islands which was a colony of the United states

What is BVI - British Virgin Islands

What is USVI - United States Virgin Islands

What is Virgin Islands = British & United States VIRGIN ISLANDS


Now that we know what is bvi lets talk about Where is BVI



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