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Caving at Norman Island, British Virgin Islands

Snorkeling the Caves of Norman Islands

The header picture at the top of this page labeled "SNORKELING CAVES, NORMAN ISLAND" show a first hand view of dad and his son and daudgher on their way into the caves of Norman Island. The Beauty of nature that they are experiencing at that moment may go with them for the rest fo their lives. Apon entering the caves dad gets a series of "ohhhs, aahhhs and woows from his son and daugher and at that moment he knew his vacation trip to the British Virgin Islands was well worth the trip. A spectacular snorkeling adventure, with thousands of orange cup coral and red sponge covering the cave walls.

The island is equiped with three caves two large ones and a small one. Remember that you will have to take the boat to the snorkeling caves at norman island. If you do not have your own boat there are many Snorkeling Tour Operator on Tortola and Snorkeling Tour Operator on Virgin Gorda for hire.

Norman Island is said to have been made famous from the 1883 classic story "Treassure Island" which was written by Robert Louis Stevenson. Norman Island is said to have been the inspiration for the story. Treasure Island tells of the adventures of Jim Hawkins and his search for the buried treasure of an evil pirate, Captain Flint. Other Characters include
Billy Bones: Ex-mate of Captain Flint's ship and possessor of the map of Treasure Island. Dies of a stroke brought on by a combination of alcoholism and fear when 'tipped' the Black Spot(if you get the black spot then you have little time until your time is up). Long John Silver: Formerly Flint's quartermaster, later leader of the Hispaniola's mutineers. Engaged as the ship's cook, and at one time was the cook on Flint's ship. If you have yet to read or watch the film we will not tell you any more.





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