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Beaches on Tortola British Virign Islands  

Beaches on Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Here you will find the name of some of the beaches located on Tortola, British Virgin Islands. We hope you have a sunny day at the beach with lots of fun or relaxation, which ever your heart's desire.

All beaches below are within 45 minutes drive from anywhere on the island of Tortola. This is because you can drive from the furthest point East, to the furthest point West of the island within 45 minutes.

It is important to know that Tortola is divided into three major know areas. East End which is at the eastern tip of the island, area of which airport is located. West End which is at the western tip of the island, area of which Frenchman's Cay is Located and Road Town (Capital) which is located in the middle East End and West End. Most bays and area that may be quoted to you are with in 15 minutes drive from any one of these three areas.

List of beaches and bays on Tortola, BVI

Cane Garden Bay
Smuggler's Cove
Long Bay (West end)
Brewers Bay
Lambert Estate
Josiah's Bay
Little Bay
Long Bay (Beef Island)

Cane Garden Bay

(located 12 minutes drive from West End)
Getting its name from the sugar cane which is still grown in the area to this day, Cane Garden Bay is famous for the various activities that are offered in the area. It is a favorite for sailors, sunbathers, swimmers and water sports enthusiasts.

You may access the beach via the dinghy doc that is located next to Quito’s Gazebo. Behind the picture perfect beach is a busy community with lots of tourist’s attractions. There are restaurants, bars, areas to rent water toys for those who are interested in water activities such as scuba diving. There is also the opportunity to go shopping for local arts and craft, T-Shirts, beach attire, post cards and many more interesting memoirs.

Quito’s famous bar and restaurant and night club is located beside the dinghy dock on the eastern side of the beach. Quito is a BVI recording artist famous for his soulful reggae tunes. Chill out on your boat and hear the island music drifting across the water or come ashore and enjoy the ambience of the bar or tasty treats at the restaurant. He also has an intimate inn called Ole Works Inn and his sister has one directly behind him called Lighthouse Inn. 

There are other restaurants in the area, such as Big Banana Bar & Restaurant, Rhymers Restaurant & Hotel, Elm Beach Bar and Restaurant & Stanley’s Welcome Bar.

Relax in the warm Caribbean sun and go swimming in the beautiful clear water or just walk the full length of the beach and peer through the dense brush to discover the real Cane Garden Bay.

This is probably the most popular beach on the capital island of Tortola. Populated with many restaurants, beach bars and power boat rentals. Many sailors mooring yachts outside Cane Garden Bay and enjoy wonderful swimming. Cane Garden Bay is usually one of most busy beaches of Tortola during the tourist season (November -May) as it is popular among cruise ship visitors.

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(photo of Cane Garden Bay, Tortola, British Virgin Islands)
Coconunt shadow at Cane Garden Bay Tortola British Virgin Islands Cane Garden Bay Tortola British Virgin Islands sandy stretch Cane Garden Bay British Virgin Island as the tourist season comes to an end Cane Garden Bay,BVI
details about Cane Garden Bay, Tortola, British Virgin Islands




Smugglers Cove

(located 8 minutes drive from West End )
About twenty five minutes out of Road Town, forty five from the airport and five to ten from West End, Smugglers Cove is one of the most magnificent beaches on Tortola. Accessed by a little winding dirt track and shaded with palm trees and sea grapes the beach is splendid with its white sands in a perfect little cove that is backed by a sparsely populated and exclusive residential area. The beautiful clear water is flat and bright blue. You may see quite a few pelicans preying on the fish, snorkelers enjoying the underwater life or simple sunbathers getting a tan. There is a reef close to the beach so a nice dive directly from the shores is ideal and the water is very clear and calm.

The beach is dotted with a few stands providing a refreshing drink, whether beers, blended drinks soda or water as well as snacks such as barbecue chicken, grilled burgers or fries.
Smugglers Cove is the most idyllic beach in the BVI and the favorite of many.

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(photo of Smugglers Cove, Tortola, British Virgin Islands)
Smugglers Cove British Virgin Islands smugglers cove, Tortola, British Virgin Islands view of smuggler's Cove from in the shade
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Long Bay

(located 3 minutes drive from West end)
Situated just east of Smugglers Cove in Tortola West End, Long Bay Beach is a mile long stretch of white sandy beach beginning from outside the delightful Long Bay Beach Resort. Take an early morning walk along the sands or a romantic sunset stroll and you are sure to be in awe.

It is lovely for swimming, snorkeling and great for surfing when the tide gets high. For those who just want to laze, there a lounge chairs on the beach readily available for your use and the five bars and restaurants that the resort provides. You may also opt to getting some spa treatment as well.

please don't confuse long bay at beef island with Long Bay at the Wes tend Part of the Island.
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(photos of Long Bay, British Virgin Islands)
Long Bay Beach British Virgin Islands Long Bay, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

 details about the Long Bay, British Virgin Islands




Brewer's Bay

Brewer’s Bay is the perfect secret hideaway beach on Tortola. A fifteen minute drive out of Road Town, it is peaceful and quiet and most often desired by locals and visitors alike. It is hidden in a sheltered bay on the North Shore of the island. The indispensable palm trees, flourishing tropical surroundings and turquoise blue water as well as the golden sand are unspoiled and hardly ever crowded.
The sea is great for swimming and the snorkeling is spectacular. Whilst snorkeling, you may see squids, octopus, tarpons, parrot fish and many other interesting and beautiful underwater world which is still that is still and untouched.
A little further off the beach under the tropical awning is the island’s only campground that has 22 prepared sites that are fully equipped with cooking utensils, beds and linen, lamps and stoves, ice containers and bathrooms.
Brewer’s Bay is a quiet haven with a beautiful beach. The water which is very shallow runs quite a distance out from shore making it ideal for young children to play in the water safely.

Brewer’s Bay gets it name from the ruins of a once very busy distillery built sometime in the early 1700’s and its ruins can still be seen from the road which contains some pieces of machinery and other accessories.

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Snorkeling spot at Brewers Bay Tortola British Virgin Islands
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Lambert Estate

(located 6 minutes drive from (EIS) Airport)

Located ten minutes from the airport, twenty minutes from Road Town and about forty from West End, Lamberts beach is a popular palm fringed beach in tropical surroundings and a picturesque hotel in the background. A perfect beach for sunbathing or relaxing in the shade under the palm trees, Lamberts beach is famous for its white sands. It is good for swimming, snorkeling and diving as well.
The nearby Lamberts Resort offers restaurant and bar services as well as a washroom facility and beach chairs.

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Lambert Estate, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

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Josiah's Bay

Josiah’s Bay is Tortola’s surfing paradise. With a view of Guana Island and White Bay, it has wonderful anchorage and is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. You may choose to scuba dive or snorkel either of which you will be amazed at the nice water and the peaceful water life.
This Beach can be a gentle lamb and some day a roaring beast. Josiah's bay may sometimes have an under current and waves that may be dangerous to children or weak swimmers.

(located 6 minutes drive from the Airport)
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Josiah Bay Tortola, BVI

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Little Bay

(5 minutes from Lambert Estate)
No information yet available
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No images yet available





Long Bay (Beef Island)

(located 2 minutes drive from the Airport)
An impressive white beach with gorgeous blue waters is located in the East End are a few minutes away from the airport. From the beach one can see the islands of Great Camanoe and Little Camanoe. It is a rather secluded beach and the swimming is safe for all family.
There is plenty of room on the beach to stretch out and play with water toys, Frisbee or any ball sport. It’s the perfect beach for family and friends to just have a nice picnic party.
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Long Bay at Beef Island British Virgin Islands

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