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snorkeling on Tortola - British Virgin Islands  

Snorkeling sites, spots and areas around the BVI. (Boat may be Required)

Below are some of the best snorkeling sites around the BVI, most may require a boat to arrive at the destination.


The Bight, BVI

(Right off Norman Island)
The Bight is one of the British Virgin Islands most popular site for sailing charters in the British Virgin Islands. Some of the best Snorkeling in the BVI is located at the reef on the eastern part of the harbour south of the beach.
click thumbnail to enlarge (photos of The Bight, Norman Island, British Virgin Islands)
Willie-T-Floating-bar-norman-island The-Bight-yachts-anchor-norman-island The-bight-norman-island

details about The Bight, around Norman Island, British Virgin Islands


Alice's Backside, BVI

(Located on the Northern side of Ginger Island)
Alice's Backside - A wonderful snorkelling site on the Sir Francis Drake Channel. This snorkel site is located on the North Side of the uninhabited Ginger Island......

details about Alice's Backside, Near Ginger Island, British Virgin Islands



Wreck of the Rhone, BVI

Submerged in approximately 20 to 80 feet of water, the RMS Rhone lies in Lee Bay off Salt Islands. The Marine Park extends to the west to include the islands of Dead Chest, with additional dive sites such as the underwater pinnacles and ledges at Blonde Rock, the colourful canyons of Painted Walls, and the coral encrusted tunnels and cave at Rhone Reef. The anchor of the Rhone lies further northwest of Salt Island at Great Harbour on Peter Island, where it was abandoned by the Rhone in 55ft of water.
The wreck itself is encrusted with marine organisms,.............

details about The Wreck of the Rhone, British Virgin Islands


Monkey Point, BVI

Monkey Point is located at the Southern tip of Guana Island. Easily sail to this site and hook one of the many National Park mooring buoy. It is a requirement that you must utilize the National Park Authority moorings balls (orange with yellow floating line) and not attempt to anchor. The fish here are large in size, like Tarpon 5 feet................

details about Monkey Point, British Virgin Islands also known as "Tha Monkey"

Manchioneel Bay, BVI

Manchioneel Bay, is the name of this beach. What is a manchioneel you might ask? Well at some beaches in the BVI and usually close to the shore line are these tall trees that you may be able to shade. They carry green and light yellow leaves. This tree know as the MANCHIONEEL TREE bares a fruit that looks similar to an apple but at the size of a plum. Eating or biting on this fruit may cause poisioning...............

details about Manchioneel Bay, British Virgin Islands

Buttonwood Bay, BVI

Buttonwood Bay, Peter Island is a wonderful place to anchor, snorkel and then have lunch. This Remote spot on Peter Island which is located on the western end of great harbour.. This area is secluded and is great for overnight anchorage (moorings available). There is a large dinghy dock infront the restaurant...............

details about Buttonwood Bay, British Virgin Islands

The Caves at Norman Island, BVI

Norman Island is said to have been made famous from the 1883 classic story "Treasure Island" which was written by Robert Louis Stevenson. Norman Island is said to have been the inspiration for the story. Treasure Island..............

Full details about The Caves at Norman Island, British Virgin Islands

The Indians, BVI

The Indian are four unique shaped rocky pinnacles in the British Virgin Islands right next to Norman Island. These easy to spot rocky pinnacles rise about sixty feet above the water surface. This unique rock formation has one of the BVI's best snorkeling and diving with an abundance of coral gardens and many fish..............

details about The Indians, near Norman Island, British Virgin Islands



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