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Moorings and Anchorages

The National Parks Trust's mission is to preserve and manage designated natural and cultural areas in order to improve the quality of life in the British Virgin Islands. In the past territory's fragile marine environment has been damaged by the increased number and size of boats which anchor in the coral reef areas. To avoid further destructions the guidelines detailed below should be strictly followed.


  • Moorings are for DAY USE ONLY
  • All moorings areas are 5 MPH no wake zones.
  • Do Not Damage or remove any plant, animals or historic features
  • All fishing (also spear fishing), lobsters and the collection of live shells and illegal.
  • Use designated garbage disposal points for disposal of waste
  • Water skiing is prohibited in all park areas
  • Anchoring is prohibited in all park areas.
  • Anchoring is prohibited in the Wreck or the Rhone National Park. If all moorings areas are occupied, anchor in an acceptable area and enter the park by tender and use the dinghy moorings provided or wait for an available moorings.
  • Display a dive flag when diving
  • The 90 minutes limit for use of the mooring must be strictly observed.
  • Be sure to ask your charter company for a copy of the Boaters Guide and follow the instructions on how to tie up and release moorings carefully as demonstrated in the Boaters Guide to Using BVI National Parks Trust Mooring Buoys.
  • Dinghies must use the moorings provided and NOT tie up to the dive or day use moorings.

All Vessels are advised to pay attention to the FLAG WARNING SYSTEM

RED: Warning - Do not use the mooring and no access to the beach
Yellow: Using moorings with extreme caution
Green: Moorings available for use
Blue: Jellyfish Warning


Marine Parks and Protected Areas Ordinance (cap.85)
Marine Parks and Protected Areas (Amendment) Regulations, 2004

Fees for use of the Moorings are charged under this Ordinance

  • Vessels must have proof of clearance from immigration and customs and must have a valid cruising permit.

Mooring buoys are colour coded:

Red Private & Bareboats Vessels Only
Yellow Commercial Vessels Only
Blue Dinghies Only

Vessels over 70ft or 35 tons are not allowed to use the mooring systems.
Do not leave vessels unattended when using a mooring buoy.


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Moorings Guide (How To)



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