Islands of the British Virgin Islands
British Virgin Islands
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islands of the British Virgin Islands  
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BVI Islands | Islands of the British Virgin Islands

Tortola, BVI Island

Tortola is the largest and most populated island of the British Virgin Islands with a population of 14,000 and holds the tallest peak amoung the BVI Islands at Sage Mountain National Park some 1780 feet above sea level. The mountains on Tortola are covered with bright healthy fern and frangipani plant while numerous white sandy beaches and small intimate coves surround the shores. The name "Tortola" comes from Christopher Columbus meaning "The Land of the
Turtle Dove". The economy of tortola is mostly fueled by financial services and tourism.

Virgin Gorda, BVI Island

Throughout all the islandsds of the British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda is the third largest. When Christopher Columbus is said to have named this island "The Fat Virgin" because the Island resembled a rotund woman lying on her back. The island is 8.5 sq miles reached a population of about 4000 people in 2007 . This islands is totally dependant on tourism and you will find some of the most friendly people in the BVI. This BVI island is known for a geological phenomena known as The Baths and holds the Guinness World Record for smallest gecko in the world. The island is ideal for snorkeling and swimming, holding some of the BVI's most crystal clear water beaches.

Anegada, BVI Island

Anegada, unlike most of the other islands in the British Virgin Islands was formed by coral and limestone and not volcanic action. This BVI Island is only about 28 feet about sea level earning the name which translate to "The Drowned Land". Anegada has long sandy beaches with sky blue waters. The BVI island is about 15sq miles with beaches all around. Horseshoe which is said to be the third largest reef in the caribbean surround the island making most yacht charter companies restrict some sailing to the island. Don't be surprise if you find yourself alone on one of this island's beautiful beaches, with a population of only 300 in 2007. Anegada is what you will call living life in the slow lane. Crime on anegada is almost nonexistent. Anegada is accessible by ferry and plane from the islands of Virgin Gorda and Tortola.

Jost Van Dyke, BVI Island

Among the Islands of the British Virgin Islands, The smallest of the four main islands of the BVI, Jost Van Dyke is just 8 sq miles. A little island full of life and a population of about 150 people in 2007. Jost Van Dkye is home to the famous Foxy's bar and restaurant which is known around the world for it's New Year's and Halloween Parties. This BVI island is also home to many shops where you can purchase local craft and paintings right along the waters edge.


Other BVI Islands

If there was any dispute of how many islands there are in the BVI the list below shows the name of some of more than 48 smaller islands closely positioned in the BVI Island of the British VIrgin Islands.

Smaller Islands of the British VIrgin Islands and Cays

Beef Island Bellamy Cay Buck Island
Carvel Rock Cockroach Island Cooper Island
Dead Chest Cay Dead Chest Island Diamond Cay
Drowned Island East Seal Dog Island Eustatia Island
Fallen Jerusalem Island Flanagan Island Frenchman's Cay
George Dog Island Ginger Island Great Camanoe
Great Dog Island Great Thatch Great Tobago Island
Green Cay Guana Island Little Anegada
Little Camanoe Little Cay Little Jost Van Dyke
Little Seal Dog Island Little Thatch Little Tobago
Little Wickmans Cay Marina Cay Mosquito Island
Nanny Cay Necker Island Norman Island
Old Jerusalem Island Oyster Rock Pelican Island
Peter Island Prickly Pear Island Saba Rock
Salt Island Sandy Cay Sandy Spit
Scrub Island Spanish Island West Dog Island


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