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Culture of the British Virgin Islands  

The British Virgin Islands Cultural Experience

Over the year the British Virgin Islands have seen a diverse group of people who have called these islands home. As the years passed people moved on and but the knowledge and culture remain. Today the Virgin Islands holds it's history dearly, protecting many ruins from the Dutch, Spanish and English. Preparing many dishes that were once made for slaves are now the delicacies of these Islands. Did I mention we have a unique sort of music and instruments that you would not be able to find anywhere else in the world.

The People

These islands have seen many different race of people including the Arawak, Carib, the Spanish, Dutch and finally ruled by England to this day. The islands are now populated with 86% African descent and show close roots. To celebrate Emancipation the British Virgin Islands holds annual August Festival that portray unique african costumes, classic village nights and dancing in the streets. Not able to make it to the British Virgin Islands in August, all year round buy one of a kind craft, paintings spices and drinks produced in the BVI.

The Music

The first form of music was closely linked to african heritage with a mixture of small instruments. We called this type of music Fungi (pronounced foon-gee). Fungi Music was quoted from as " FUNGI is the name given to the local musical form of the British Virgin Islands. Fungi music is an expression of British Virgin Islands culture as it shows the islands's African and European influences in a unique sound. The name fungi comes from a local cornmeal dish of the same name. Fungi music is a blend of many different instruments and styles. A fungi band is based on the fusion of a wide range of instruments, many of which are homemade." On your next visit to the British Virgin Islands seek to find where a FUNGI Band is performing and you will experience one of the sweetest sounds and unique cultures around the world. Fungi bands sings a wide range of categories from making fun of politicians to sexy bedroom songs. Some instruments of the fungi band include banjo, triangle, calabash, washboard, and bongos.

The Food

Many foods and cooking techniques that we serve as delicacies derive from a history of European conquest and the importation of large amount of slaves from Africa living under strict ruling. The British Virgin Islands local dish know as peas soup is a uniquely prepared dish that you may find in the different restaurants in the BVI. While you are in the BVI forget about coffee you will have a chance to enjoy the local bush tea that warms the heart.

"When you get here my recommendations is to try the peas soup with pig tail or the stewed conchs."

The Language

Listening to two BV Islanders having a conversation may be hard for anyone who isn't from the caribbean to follow. There may be similarities between the accents different caribbean islands but they are also many differences. English is the main language in the BVI , which is spoken with much creole. Also words and sentences are usually shortened during regular chatter.

Standard English:.... Where are you guys going ?
BVI Creole: ............Whey ah yo goin ?



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