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Hiking in the British Virgin Islands  
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Hiking in the British Virgin Islands

Although the British Virgin Islands may be known for it's white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters. The territory of over 50 islands and cays leaves a lot to be explored in it unique terrain. The islands provide a novice explorers dream to exercise curiosity, excitement and exercise to find natures beauty of the Virgin Islands. Although some plants may itch if touched when hiking the British Virgin Islands has no real threat of dangerous wild animals such as lions and tigers and bears my !!! Feel free to roam around our country. Some National Parks provide food, a foot hike that gives a reward to the hiker at the end of the trail while others prefer sailing to uninhabited islands and hiking the hills and rock around those islands. Newly observed in the BVI tourists have found it exciting after visiting a sandy beach to travel along the rocky shore line beyond the beach and explore the marine life on the waters edge.

Hiking on Tortola
Sage Mountain National Park

Hiking on Virgin Gorda
Gorda Peak National Park

Hiking on Other Islands
West Dog National Park
Fallen Jerusalem National Park
Little Tobago and Great Tobago National Park





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