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What are the normal hours of business operation in the British Virgin Islands ?
Most businesses in the British Virgin Islands are open between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. On the main island of Tortola some supermakets may close as late as 11:00 p.m. whereas on the smaller islands such as Vrgin Gorda, supermakets close at 7:30 p.m.
The answer is no, there is no Wal-Mart in the British Virgin Islands. Pharmacies, department stores and gas stations vary but none are known to be open 24hrs. Merchant stores are closed on Sundays and banks usually operate from Monday to Thursday between the hours of 8:30 to 3:00pm.
Please note that most businesses are usually closed on BVI public holidays.
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What currency is used in the British Virgin Islands?
The United States Dollar is the only legal tender in the BVI. Most business are not set up to deal with any other currency except the US Dollar. Most businesses in the BVI are equipped to handle Credit Cards transactions and accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Travellers Cheques. The main island of Tortola has ATM machines situated in various spots throughout the island. On the island of Virgin Gorda, ATM machines are located in Spanish Town which is the island's capital.

NOTE: No ATM Machines or Banks are located on the islands of Jost Van Dyke nor Anegada.


What is the British Virgin Islands Departure Tax ?
By law all persons leaving the BVI is required to pay departure tax. This tax may be paid with cash or any major credit card. For passengers leaving via air you are required to pay US$20 per person, while boat passengers pay US$5 per person and Cruiseship passengers pay US $7 per person. NOTE: Personal Cheques are not accepted.


How can I dress and what should I wear?
Swimming attire is known to be only appropiate for the beach, around swimming pool areas and on private boats. Wearing this attire to restaurants, certain hotel areas, supermakets and other establishments is usually unacceptable. Most of these establishments usually post signs indicating the appropriate attire. Keep in mind that the BVI has perpetual summer weather and the yearly temperature is usually between 78 -85 degrees fahrenheit.


What is required of me to go fishing in the British Virgin Islands?
Anyone who wishes to fish in the BVI is required to obtain a recreational fishing permit. Failing to comply with this regulation may result in fines. To obtain a fishing license contact the Department of Conservation and Fishieries at
284 494-5681 for more information.


What options of Transportation are available to and throughout the British Virgin Islands?
First of all there are no straight flights from countries such as U.S.A., Europe, South America or Canada to BVI airports. Nevertheless, getting to the BVI is very easy. Beef Island's Terrence B Lettsone International Airport (EIS) is the main airport of three that connects the BVI to the rest of the world. Beef Island is connected to the capital island of Tortola with a small bridge named (Queen Elizebeth II Bridge).

Airport Code : EIS
Airport Name: Terrence B Lettsome
Airport City: Beef Island
Country British Virgin Islands
Latitude 18.45
Longitude -64.55

Arriving by AIR To Tortola (Beef Island) (EIS): There are connections from international hubs such as San Juan Puerto Rico (SJU), Antigua (ANU) and ST. Maarten (SXM) and ST.Thomas (STT) USVI to Beef Island (EIS).
Note: After arriving at ST.Thomas (STT) airport, numerous ferry services usually travel directly to Tortola and Virgin Gorda.

Airport Code : VIJ
Airport Name: Virgin Gorda Airport
Airport City: Virgin Gorda
Country British Virgin Islands
Latitude 18.50
Longitude -64.50

Virgin Gorda airport flights connect to international hubs such as (St.Croix, USVI (STX), San Juan Puerto Rico (SJU) and ST.Thomas USVI (STT). Recently launched in 2007 connections to Virgin Gorda via seaplane from ST.Thomas and ST.Croix have been established.

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Transportation in the BVI (British Virgin Islands)
Car Rental : There are several Car Rental agencies in the British Virgin islands. A variety of specials and packages are available for different type of vehicles to accomodate any sized family or groups. Unlimited mileage, emergency services and additional insurance are just amoung some of the things that are offered.

What you should know before renting a car in the British Virgin Islands

A cash deposit and a valid driver's license are required.
You will need to obtain a temporary BVI driver's license which can be obtain for your Car Rental Company usually costing (US$10).
The British Virgin Islands are very mountainous except for Anegada, so driving on steep hills may be unavoidable. Renting a four wheel drive vehicle where possible could prove to be a very wise option.
Traffic in the British Virgin Islands Drives on the left hand side of the road.
Most rental Vehicles have steering wheels on the left hand side of the vehicle the same as most American vehicles.

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It is not difficult to get taxis in the BVI. Taxis usaually gather at the airport, various ferry docks and taxi stands on the different islands. Remember that you can travel from the furtherest end of tortola to the next end in under 50 minutes. It is also possible to travel from the furthest end of Virgin Gorda to the opposite end of the island in under 35 minutes.

see taxi rates across the island below

Public Bus Services
Currently there is no organised Public Bus Services Operating in the British Virgin Islands.

What about Ferry Services to different Islands?

With so much functions, attraction, restaurants on different islands and considering the close proximity to the United States Virgin Islands numerous ferry services and water taxis have evolved to to satisfy the needs of island hopping.

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I may need medical attention, what are my options?

Medical Care consists of a general hospital on the main island of tortola with emergency rooms staffed 24 hours a day with physicians, nurses and medical assistants. There are several clinics on Tortola and two clinics located on Virgin Gorda. Both islands are staffed with ambulances with paramedics. Private medical centres are also available on the islands providing a wide range of medical services as well as pharmacies.

see pharmacies and medical centers below






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